Female 00071 2007 clutch

Sire: "Molakai" on loan from John Holland.


This female is from one of our high yellow lines.  Considering the strength of the Nicoli high yellow line of the sire this should prove to be a nice clutch with good potential for high yellow offspring.  Although she doesn't express the trait she has several incredible siblings including Banana Girl who died producing her first clutch.  There were also some very nice yellow animals from her 2005 clutch with Gordon who is an O.S. high yellow line animal.

This clutch began to hatch on 24 April 2007.  With 24 neonates eventually emerging from the eggs it gives us a 100% hatch rate on this clutch.  Below is a graph showing incubation temperatures, both the ambient temperature within the incubator and the temperature within the egg box were recorded every 15 minutes throughout incubation.  There are also images of the neonates at hatching. 


Below are images of the individual surviving neonates.





Below is an image from one of our holdbacks in March 2008.

Below is the same animal in April 2008.

Below are a couple of our holdbacks in October 2008.