Female ID# 05016 (TW2601)

This female is on loan from Trooper Walsh and was produced by Buddy Goetzger of Arboreal Adventures.  This females lineage traces back to the gravid wild collected female imported by Switak and the Zulich blue line.

We paired this girl with one of our Aru males, 99026, in 2006.  A nice clutch of 17 neonates hatched on 22 Sept. 2006.  Click here to view images of the neonates.

This female is being paired with a blue line male 02152 produced by Trooper Walsh from his very successful blue pairing between Carolina and John Holland's "Mr. Blue".  The pairing of these two lines previously by BJ Arboreals resulted in some outstanding blue animals.  This female appears to have ovulated in late February.  A clutch of 27 eggs was laid 16 April 2008.  Click here to see images of the female and the clutch.

Unfortunately, this female died 24 May 2008 due to complications from a respiratory infection.