Female ID # 97072


Bred to male EA9605 in 2000 and produced 16 offspring.

View individual images of some of the 2000 clutch.

Breeding attempts with male 96006 in 2002 were unsucessfull as this male showed no interest in the female.  In February of 2002 we switched to a Biak male 96009.   Copulation was observed immediatly.  A clutch of 29 eggs was layed on 21 April 2002. To view images of the female and her clutch click here.

This female was bred to a Trooper Walsh line male, EA9502, in the spring of 2003.  Eggs were laid and the clutch hatched on 27 June 2003.  Click here for pictures of the clutch.

This female is being bred to our Mustard male, 01033, in 2004.  She laid an infertile clutch so there will be no offspring available from her this season.